On Thursday, September 15th, in Tbilisi was detained the leader

of political party - Free Georgia - Kakha Kukava.

Kukava was organizing the mass protest against evictions of Bank debtors from their houses. Credit crisis in Georgia is very painful especially for last 15 years and the problem is not only financial, but mainly legal: when Banks and private creditors can demand from debtors not only the amount of loan and official percents defined by the national Bank, but in practice unlimited amounts based on percentage up to 500% of the credit and more.

Several evictions were stopped by "Free Georgia" using as legal mechanisms at the court, also mass protest in different regions of Georgia. After last protest in Gori, September 8th, minister of justice Rati Bregadze, ordered special forces to punish Kukava as an example for others. on September 15th he was detained without any reason. In police protocol was indicated that he was resisting the police, but in several videos seen very well that there is no any physical resistance. He was detained as narcobaron using brutal methods which caused several physical injuries.

We call international and local human rights observers democratic political parties to condemn violence by police against social and political protest.