Free Georgia: Georgia should implement the recommendations

from American and European Partners

Political Party "Free Georgia" reacts to the recent letters and recommendations sent by the members of the US Congress and European Parliament to the Government of Georgia.

We believe that the reaction of the United States and the EU - strategic partners of Georgia is greatly important and worth considering. It is notable that the recommendations fully comply with the wish of the absolute majority of the Georgian citizens to have a free and democratic election.

Thus, this position cannot be deemed as the act of interfering with the internal sovereign affairs of the state, as interpreted by the leaders of the Georgian Dream. In fact, the actions of the members of the US Congress and the European Parliament are the interference not in the internal affairs of our country, but in the internal affairs of the mafia clan of Ivanishvili.

It is to be underlined that the US policy, empowered by the special acts of the Congress, is the key foundation of the international non-recognition policy regarding self-proclaimed Abkhazia and South Ossetia.  Any dissonant action from the side of the Georgian authorities (as the president Zurabishvili reported) jeopardizes strong international support of Georgia, which is mostly presented in non-recognition policy. Considering the fact that the country is in a state of war with the Russian Federation, and also, despite the promises of "Georgian Dream", they failed to correct this situation; moreover, in recent years,  relationships with almost all of its neighbors are complicated, - and in fact, creating obstacles and difficulties with the United States and the European Union means the International isolation of the country.  

Following the statements of the friends of Georgia, the action-reaction of the Georgian authorities trying to name anyone who criticizes the "Georgian Dream" as the "UNM supporter" not only in Georgia but also in the US Congress and the European Parliament, is shameful and unserious. For the purposes of such propaganda, the government uses government media and sponsored pages on the social network (the famous example of government propaganda is the statement of POSTV that only 4 out of 435 congressmen criticize the Georgian government).

We thank the members of Congress and the European Parliament for their attention and support to the Georgian people in these challenging times. We strongly encourage the Georgian authorities to be wise and consider the recommendations of the friends of Georgia. Failure to do so, the imposition of sanctions on the ruling power remains the only way out of the crisis.