Minister of Justice Tsulukiani evicts the August

War veteran from her house

On February 7th of 2020, at 10:30 A.M. (Address: 259 Tsotne Dadiani Avenue, Tbilisi), eviction of the four-member family of Kakiashvilis is planned by the private creditor.

The family borrowed 16 000 USD from Nargiza Berdzuli, whereas the half of the due sum was refunded within the term of the corresponding agreement. Following the hard social conditions of the family, they asked the creditor to prolong and restructure the fulfillment of the liabilities, the usurer rejected this proposal and took away their only dwelling space.

Presently, the lender demands the debtor to pay 25 000 USD. It is worth to note that the debtor Maia Kakiashvili is the August War veteran, she is listed under the database of socially disadvantaged, living with her 3 children, with 2 of them being under aged.

Representatives of the political parties and public will attend the process of eviction.